Today is February 23, and our campus has some very special guests. Students from Rockford Christian High School are on campus to complete a service project, and to learn about careers in the field of Senior Living. We’re thrilled to have them – especially since their service project involves lending their tech savviness to residents!

Connecting students, and other partners, with opportunities to give back is something we love doing at Wesley Willows. We have a vibrant volunteer community of residents (the kind of people that require quotation marks around the word “retired”) and often host others on our campus who want to spend some time serving residents. The way in which we seek out partnership opportunities actually won a Confluence award from the Rockford Area Chamber of Commerce last fall, as our Intergeneration Learning program (in partnership with the University of Illinois College of Medicine and Rockford University) was honored. Connecting people is something we are pretty passionate about at Wesley Willows.

Last fall, the employees of Wesley Willows collected enough hats, gloves and socks to keep every single student at Conklin Elementary School (our neighbor) warm for the winter. We are so proud of that, because it shows how deep our commitment to service as an organization runs.

As the students from Rockford Christian spend their day with us, we have the opportunity to reflect on the great connections that Wesley Willows is able to make amongst residents, within the community and amongst our team. We hope we are able to share our passion for our jobs, and hopefully inspire a handful of these students to stay connected to us and pursue a career in Senior Living!