Gratitude and Giving

By Meredith Stoll

One of the things I love most about my job is that I talk to incredibly interesting people every day. I hear their stories, learn about their lives and their passions. Often, residents share with me why they chose Wesley Willows as their home. Frequently I am told that The Good Samaritan Fund was a major factor in their decision.

Hearing that so often is heartening and speaks volumes of our community. The Good Samaritan Fund provides financial support to residents who have outlived their resources and helps to keep the promise of a lifetime of care for all residents who call Wesley Willows home. By citing this as a chief reason for choosing Wesley Willows, folks are telling me their often has as much to do with their personal sense of security as it does for their desire to live in a place where their friends and neighbours care for one another.

In this season of gratitude and giving, I enjoy reflecting on that as I continue to talk with people about what is meaningful for them. Home is truly at the heart of everything we do here and it’s a privilege to work in an organized place where it isn’t hard to find a Good Samaritan.

Friends and neighbours at Wesley Willows can be supported in many ways, and the Office of Fund Development is happy to talk with anyone who has ideas about what that support might look like. Feel free to call me using the contact information below, or visit our Charitable Opportunities page on this site.