Wesley Willows is a not-for-profit organization committed to providing a lifetime of care for residents. The Robert Ash Legacy Society (RALS) is a planned giving program that allows donors to help Wesley Willows vision the future and create a legacy that is deeply connected to our history of charitable care.

Planned giving programs help donors make plans to leave money or assets to organizations such as Wesley Willows at a future date, usually after death. Our program, RALS, includes a variety of financial vehicles that can be adapted to each donor’s need. 

  • Entrance fees: This is the investment you made when you moved to Wesley Willows to ensure that residents who exhaust their financial resources have a lifetime of care. Entrance Fees vary based on the unit size and type of home chosen. You may designate your entire Entrance Fee or a portion to be given to Wesley Willows. 
  • Bequests: These make up the majority of most planned gifts. Anyone can make a bequest to a nonprofit, like Wesley Willows, through their will or estate plan. Donors can allocate a specific amount of money to give after they die, either in a lump sum or a percentage of their total wealth, or they can choose to give the remainder of their estate to Wesley Willows after all of their other expenses are paid.
  • Charitable gift annuities: This is an agreement in which the donor gives a gift to Wesley Willows, receives a tax deduction at the time of the gift, and then receives payments (a portion of which may be tax-exempt) from Wesley Willows during their lifetime. Wesley Willows invests the money to grow its income, and after the donor’s death, the remainder of the funds transfer to Wesley Willows.
  • Charitable trusts: Charitable remainder trusts are tax-exempt, irrevocable trusts that make annual payments to the beneficiaries for a certain amount of time, and then donate the remainder to Wesley Willows. Charitable lead trusts are similar, except that the annual payments go to Wesley Willows for a certain period of time, and the remainder goes to the beneficiaries.

Since the inception of the Robert Ash Legacy Society (formerly the Founder’s Club), Wesley Willows has built a significant and very credible planned giving program. Over 100 people have joined the Society and their money has been invested wisely by our financial team. Residents that have exhausted their financial resources are receiving care for their lifetime. We cannot meet our mission without the financial help of future donors.