Pocket Park

Thanks to the Martin Campbell Foundation, Kirk’s Place has a new rooftop addition to its activity space. Kirk’s Place provides an ability-centered memory support program designed for those with Alzheimer’s disease and other forms of memory loss. Wesley Willows prides itself as the area leader in dementia care. The addition of the Pocket Park is another way we are meeting the needs of our residents.  Common symptoms of dementia include disorientation, overstimulation, and irritability. When or if a dementia patient becomes over stimulated or agitated, a quiet, calm environment can quickly and easily decrease those feelings of disorientation. This delightful space can just do that.

The Pocket Park is also utilized for scheduled activities when the weather is nice. Our skilled staff in Kirk’s Place assists residents with memory boosting activities such as relaxation, music, and exercise in a quietly stimulating, home-like setting. Our Music and Memories program is an innovative approach to dementia care that includes personalized playlists that enable those struggling with dementia to reconnect with the world through memories triggered by the music they love.

For more information about the services and programs offered in Kirk’s Place or to schedule an appointment to visit, please call 815-316-1500.