Holly Briggs-Finn, Housekeeping Manager at Wesley Willows, was awarded a Golden Cross prize from the Council on Older Adult Ministries, a part of the Northern Illinois Conference of the United Methodist Church. The Golden Cross is a $1,000 cash prize that is awarded to nominees that display excellence in the field of Senior care.

Eight years ago, Holly began her career with Seniors in the Housekeeping department at Wesley Willows. She was recently promoted to Housekeeping Manager and is excelling in this position. In 2018, Holly was nominated for the inaugural Mentorship program at Wesley Willows and was chosen as a Mentee.  She completed the six month program as one of the Mentees which undoubtedly helped with her leadership and communication skills in her new management position. Holly is currently enrolled at Concordia University majoring in Business Management in combination with Health Care Administration.

Holly has shown her empathy to Seniors; her leadership skills; her organizational skills; and her tenacity in following her dream of returning to school.  And she has shown her loyalty to Wesley Willows over the years.  Each of these characteristics are important and admirable on their own.  Together, they make Holly someone truly special.  Wesley Willows is grateful to have her and happy to be able to support her in her efforts to complete her education.