Why Choose the *Suite* Lifestyle?
By Natalie Armstrong, Senior Living Counselor

You have a beautiful, big house where you raised your family – but since your children have moved, it’s empty more often than not. You probably spend more time than you would like on housework, home maintenance, utilities, and landscaping.  You might be wondering if it’s time to move to a Senior living community.

At the Wesley Willows campus we offer options in independent living – Willow Ridge Homes or Willows Suites. The Suites are attached to our Town Center, the hub of campus activity. You can enjoy all the amenities available without having to walk outside.

But what are some other benefits?

Never worry about yard work or home maintenance.
One of the best parts of living at Wesley Willows is saying good-bye to yard work, snow removal, and home maintenance.  Your refrigerator starts making a funny noise? You wake up on a winter night with no heat? Faucet dripping? One call to our maintenance hotline and things will be fixed.

Pay one price for most of your expenses.
We often hear the myth that Senior living is unaffordable. But when your monthly living expenses from cable and internet to property taxes or anything you might spend on entertainment, you will discover that Senior living is more affordable than you thought.

Enjoy all the amenities close to home.
Once you factor in the cost savings of having so many things you love to do so close to home, you will also want to consider the convenience. Fitness and educational classes, special events and entertainment are all located right outside your door, along with gourmet dining options prepared by our professional chefs.

Make new friends with similar interests.
While you are doing the things you love, you will meet others who enjoy the same things. If you find your social circle has gotten smaller, you can join a music group, a yoga class, book club or many other on-site activities to meet interesting people your own age.

Move while you’re still healthy.
It’s stressful for anyone to experience changes in their health – especially if you need to sell your home. The burden of the sale of your home may fall on your children.

Take control of your future.
Take control of your freedom and your future by choosing the home of your dreams now. Take a closer look at the Suite Life at Wesley Willows.