ROCKFORD – In recognition of the 340 INDISPENSABLE WARRIORS who continue to “rock” at being an integral part in our organization as we battle the COVID-19 pandemic, Wesley Willows is constantly finding creative ways to give a gift of gratitude to our employees. 

The health and well-being of our staff have always come first. Each staff member was given a pair of very special socks! The employees’ feet will stay warm and pampered as we head into the winter months. 

“Socks are something everyone wears. I happened to see some socks at Crimson Ridge and thought they were more than just socks-they were FUN! Crimson Ridge worked with us to order 340 pairs – enough for a pair for every employee. Our Department Managers delivered them to each employee in their department to personally say thank you. An extra  benefit to this particular purchase is for every pair we purchased the sock company  donated a pair to someone in need.” 

Deb Adkins, Chief Operating Officer 

We are proud to be working with local businesses and help those in need in other communities across the country. 

Our staff has demonstrated an extraordinary commitment to providing indispensable services at a  time when they are needed most. As these INDISPENSABLE WARRIORS continue to be there for  our Wesley Willows and Peterson Meadows residents, we are purposeful to show them our