Independent Living

Imagine living in a community with hospitality-level service, surrounded by interesting neighbors and friends. Every day is filled with new, extraordinary experiences. That’s independent living at a Wesley Willows community.

Independent Senior Living is anything but solitary. Our communities focus on promoting active lifestyles where our residents are healthy and connected while living in beautiful private homes and apartments.

Explore our independent Senior living options in Rockford, IL and see which might be right for you!

Learn more about the active Senior Living options at our two communities

Independent Living in Wesley Willows Community

independent living in Rockford

Willow Ridge Homes

Beautiful private homes with service and security…

Willow Suites

Spacious and carefree apartments connected to our Town Center…


Independent Living in Peterson Meadows Community

Peterson Meadows Single Family and Duplex Homes

Lovely two-bedroom, two-bathroom homes without the hassle of maintenance…


Peterson Meadows Apartments

From an alcove apartment to one-of-a-kind Penthouse, we are sure there is a perfect spot to call home…